Flat roofs

Modified bitumen roll-material is the most widely used flat roofs roof covering Estonia as well as elsewhere in the world. Bitumen membranes constitute about 70% of the total European market for flat roofs.
Bitumen roof coating includes an elastomeric or plastomeric modifiers, is elastic and protected from UV-rays and fractions. This material is reinforced with a glass fiber or polyester, and it is installed on a roof for one, two or three layers.

  • Removal of old material and new installation
  • Insulation
  • Repair, maintenance
  • Eaves solutions, ventilation boxes and hatches construction and waterproofing
  • Penetrations and installation of rainwater systems
  • Drainage repair and replacement.
  • Waterproofing (waterproofing Foundations, SBS coating)
  • Construction debris removal